We are excited to offer Bravecto, a chewable tablet, as our newest flea and tick prevention for dogs.

Benefits of Bravecto:

  • Bravecto pet flea and tick preventativeIt is a tasty chewable tablet that dogs love to eat.
  • Longest lasting prevention - 12 weeks!
  • Does not lose effectiveness at the end of its cycle.
  • No more topical mess.
  • Bravecto is FDA approved!
  • It's safe around children and other pets, no risk of them coming into contact with the product.

This just in - Bravecto is now available for our feline companions!

Feline Bravecto is a topical 12-week treatment for fleas and ticks and does not lose its effectiveness at the end of its cycle. It is the purrfect prevention for outdoor explorers! 

To learn more about Bravecto and to find out if it is right for your pet, call us at (845) 255-5055 today. Our friendly and knowledgeable Client Care Specialists are always available to help!