Save Up to 20% Off your Pet's Dental Cleaning!

Dog and cat with toothbrushDuring the month of February 2017, New Paltz Animal Hospital is offering 20% off anesthetic dental procedures and 10% off non-anesthetic procedures. Each pet will go home with a dental “goodie-bag” which will include samples of pet dental treats, food, and toothpaste.

Oral disease is the most frequently diagnosed health problem for pets. Proper home care and veterinary care is vital to keeping your pet's mouth healthy and clean. At New Paltz Animal Hospital, we offer routine cleaning and polishing as well as advanced dental procedures if problems arise or oral diseases are diagnosed.

New Paltz Animal Hospital also offers non-anaesthetic dental procedures (NAD.) These dentals are done on pets who need just a routine cleaning and are candidates for sitting during the non-anaesthetic procedure.

Pre-anaesthetic blood work and ECG are required before putting any animal under anaesthesia. For more information about how to schedule your pet’s dental procedure and to take advantage of this great offer give us a call at 845-255-5055.